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Bangkok Klongs (2010)


From the rulebook
Small boats, close-packed, charged with colourful fruits, rice or fish, paltering marketers – A hustle and bustle happens on the Klongs (canals) of Bangkok when the Thai merchants arrive with their boats on the floating markets. "Where are the best embarkation points for the boats?" The players take turns to bring their boats to the floating markets. They tow them into the best position as this is decisive for the success or disappointment of the market day. Only those embarkation points are profitable where enough boats are huddled around, the rest goes away empty-handed. But not only the market days are decisive for the merchants’ success, the final scoring of the stock will be important as well. The player who settled his main focus only on some goods will come off especially well, the collection of all sorts of goods is not preferable for the final score.

Players place boats on the board, trying to take the best places. When a scoring round occurs filled up squares can be scored. After scoring players have to remove a boat which they can take in stock. The stock will be scored at the end of the game.

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