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ecoduel (2011)

EcoDuel © is a family board game developed by Solar Without Borders

EcoDuel is about the clash between the different forms of energy (coal plants, gas plants, nuclear, hydro, biomass, wind farms and solar parks). Pollution plays a crucial role. At first, Europe is completely green. Produce electricity by power plants pollute you with smog and black boxes are placed on the board. If you do nothing, in no time youe green areas turn black and you're out of the game.

Each player is the electricity supplier in a particular area and formidable businessman. Everyone is given the choice to switch to green power or conventional power plants to continue working. It remains important to earn your opponents out of the game. the game is a duel between Ecology and Economy: EcoDuel.

EcoDuel is a very interactive game. The game is full of potential strategies. Not only the construction of green plants can someone earn victory, but also resolutely choose to abandonment or polluting plants in your neighbor sites.

The winner is the one at the end of the game that has the most environmentally friendly area.

The materials used to realize the game are with an FSC label. The production of the game will take place as close to home for transport to a minimum.

The goal of EcoDuel one hand to raise awareness about the environment to enhance a wide audience in a fun and playful way. Promote green energy by bringing people together around a game. On the other hand, the goal is to generate funds for the development of Solar Without Borders

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